Jaffaria Endowments Publishes Misleading News on Receiving Ownership Documents of 100 Endowments "Months Ago"

2023-03-09 - 12:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: Yusuf bin Saleh Al-Saleh, Chairman of the Jaffaria Endowments Council, said that "the administration has completed the procedures for documenting 100 endowments and receiving their ownership documents during the past months."

"Work is ongoing to issue more documents in cooperation with all competent official authorities that provide all support and assistance and in coordination with families," Al-Saleh said.

Despite the receipt of documents during a past period, which he described as "months", it has not been announced until now, as the issue of thefts of Jaffaria endowments by influential people was raised. Al-Saleh did not reveal any details related to these endowments, which raises doubts about the credibility of this announcement and whether it was a tranquilizer to contain the wave of public anger.

He added "The administration relies on the record of Sayed Adnan Al-Mousawi (issued in 1927), the main reference for endowments."

In February 2023, the authorities confiscated a private endowment belonging to the historic Sheikh Saleh Mosque in Tubli after it was demolished without legal justification and under the pretext that it was a "private property."

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