Gulf Investment in Bahrain Not Safe

2023-03-10 - 3:54 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini authorities have begun fencing a huge plot of land located next to Al-Seef Bridge investment area, which belongs to three sons of Khalid bin Nasser Abdullah Al-Misnad, brother of Mozah Al-Misnad, mother of Qatari Emir Tamim. 

The area of the land that was acquired in 2021 is huge and large (about 716 square meters), and it is divided into 130 plots, overlooking a number of main streets and Al-Seef Bridge, and it is an investment area in which land prices are very high, and may reach millions of dinars.

The decision to expropriate lands was issued in 2021 by the Ministry of Municipalities under the pretext of public benefit, following a request submitted by the Ministry of Interior to "expand government facilities."

Circulated information indicates that the land was registered with the Ministry of Interior, and that there is an intention to establish a security directorate that includes a large security center and a fire station.

So far, it is not possible to understand the nature of the relationship between Manama and Doha. Last January, there was a meeting to test the intentions between the King of Bahrain and the Emir of Qatar during their participation in a mini-summit in Abu Dhabi. The meeting was followed by a phone call between the Crown Prince of Bahrain and the Emir of Qatar, and then the King's emphasis during a cabinet session on the commitment to implement all the decisions of the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Al-Ula Summit Statement. Despite some of the joint official sessions that were held, the relationship between the two sides is still in a state of stalemate and estrangement, marred by ambiguity and many pitfalls, with many outstanding political, security and economic issues. 

The Bahraini authorities' decision to seize the land of the brother of the Emir of Qatar's mother in 2021 is due to political reasons. However, this decision tells any Gulf, Arab or foreign investor: It is not safe to invest in Bahrain, as when the authorities are angry at the investor or his country under any political circumstances, the money paid for the investment will go with the wind.

Bahrain is not a safe country for investment which will remain threatened by the fluctuations of any hostile political climate that may arise. Qatari investment in particular, and all Qatari properties in Bahrain are not safe.

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