Military Deployments in the Streets, Designating Shelters: What's Unfolding in Bahrain?

2023-11-09 - 2:11 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Since November 3rd, the Ministry of Interior has initiated a series of sudden precautionary measures. These actions followed Interior Minister Abdullah bin Rashid's visit to the Civil Defense headquarters, during which he was briefed on its preparedness for potential emergency situations.

During this visit, the Minister of Interior announced the opening of opportunities for citizens to volunteer within the Civil Defense ranks. Subsequent to this announcement, various measures were unveiled, including the launch of the National Civil Protection Platform, which provides general guidance to the public on emergency preparedness procedures.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior has been actively urging the general population to enable notifications in applications like "BeAware Society, Communication and Traffic Application" to receive emergency alerts. It has also announced schools that can serve as shelters and designated locations for emergencies and wartime scenarios.

Initially, these measures appeared to be purely precautionary, although somewhat on the excessive side, and could be contextualized within the ongoing brutal war waged by the Israeli entity on Gaza, characterized by the barbaric onslaught and massacres that pose a potential risk of expanding the conflict and turning it into a regional confrontation involving multiple parties. These are measures often taken by other countries in the region, including Qatar. However, Bahrain did not limit itself to these actions alone.

The Ministry of Interior's measures were soon followed by steps taken by the Bahrain Defense Force, some of which were observable by the public, while others occurred within military installations. The Bahrain Defense Force began the detainment of a significant number of its members, particularly military pilots. Military units from the Defense Force have now been deployed in the streets of Bahrain, and helicopters have become a common sight over Manama and its surrounding areas.

These measures and others have ignited speculation and interpretation, with many individuals growing increasingly concerned about the implications of these intensive actions in such a short time frame.

Bahrain, in reality, faces no credible threats from the United States, Israel, or any Western powers, as it is home to the American Fifth Fleet and accommodates American and British military bases. Furthermore, Bahrain normalized relations with Israel three years ago. Thus, fearing retaliation from the opposing axis that opposes Israel appears unwarranted. Otherwise, countries such as the UAE, Egypt, and Jordan would be expected to take similar measures, yet they have not done so.

If Bahrain's hosting of the Fifth Fleet is the source of its concerns, it is worth noting that Qatar hosts the al-Udeid base, one of the world's largest American military installations. Additionally, U.S. military bases are distributed extensively throughout most Gulf countries. However, nations hosting these bases have not initiated comparable measures.

So, the question remains: What is Bahrain truly afraid of?

The grim reality that has been frequently discussed is that Bahrain seems to have forfeited its sovereignty over its own territory. What the opposition, in particular, had apprehended - that Bahrain might become a staging ground for hostile actions against neighboring nations - now appears to be more than just a hypothesis. The ruling family, bereft of authority over its own territory, seems to be apprehensive about potential hostilities initiated by the United States or the Israeli entity against the opposing axis.

While we all hope that these measures are merely precautionary, it is incumbent upon King Hamad, as well as other high-ranking officials and influential figures within the ruling family, to take a resolute step: to sever ties with the Zionist entity and send a clear message to the United States that Bahrain is unwilling to become a hub for hostile operations against neighboring countries. This decision is essential to safeguard the lives and well-being of the island's inhabitants.

May Allah protect Bahrain from all harm.

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