Sheikh Sanqour: World Celebrated "Children's Day", Failed to Protect Gazan Children from Israeli Massacres

2023-11-27 - 2:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Friday preacher at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque, located in Diraz, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, expressed that "the world has recently celebrated Children's Day at a time when it stands unable to protect the children of Gaza from the horrific massacres and genocide as a result of the brutal and deliberate Israeli bombardment of safe homes, schools, hospitals and shelters." He noted how more than 5,000 children are still missing under the rubble. 

Sheikh Sanqour went on to say in his Friday Sermon on November 24, 2023, that
"the United Nations and international institutions celebrated the World Children's Day, a designated day to stand up for the basic rights of children, such as the right to life, the right to protection from violence, and the right to non-discrimination, exploitation and extortion," pointing out that "these rights were recognized by Islam 14 centuries ago, which affirmed them and punished their violators, and imposed guarantors and strict judicial means to protect and care for these rights."

He stressed that "Those who are being killed by the Zionist war machine had their share of bleeding wounds, amputated limbs and permanent disabilities. It's difficult to determine the numbers. However, the children who the war machine failed to kill, had their share of horror, panic, bitterness of loss, orphanhood, cruelty of displacement, and the pain of hunger and thirst."
"Every child in Gaza has received a share of Israel's war, which was primarily aimed at them in order to blackmail the resistance fighters and undermine their resolve and steadfastness," he noted.

He also referred to the speech of the United Nations and relevant agencies regarding "the right of children to education, well-being and health care," and wondered where these institutions are, when the Gazan children's rights to life, stability, security, and basic necessities have not been violated. "Perhaps our children are not children in their eyes, or perhaps the children whose rights are protected are the children of the influential countries, otherwise with what weapon does one tear children apart?" 

"Isn't it the weapon that powerful countries give free of charge to Israel? Who protects this rogue State and sends aircraft carriers to soothe it and lure it into further lethality and destruction? And who prevents it from being held accountable and condemned for the massacres and war crimes it commits against children, women and defenseless people? Aren't they the powerful countries that lead the United Nations and boast about how they are the custodians of human rights, children's rights and women's rights?"

He further states that it has become clear to the world the magnitude of the lies and hypocrisy involved in these countries, and that they are sponsors of terrorism, chaos and fueling wars, adding that they do not know the meaning of morals and values, but rather employ them to pass their satanic and malicious projects. 

On the other hand, Sheikh Sanqour praised the scholars' call for adopting the period between the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyida Fatima (peace be upon her) and the anniversary of her birth a season for Muslim women under the slogan "As Fatima to Ali" peace be upon them. For this occasion sheds light on the major significance of the family unit in the Islamic perspective, which is deemed the basic building block of a good society. This occasion also comes as serious challenges threaten the family in its construction, stability and commitment, bringing it back to the values and boundaries of the true religion."

He called on preachers, teachers, counselors, educational projects and religious institutions to "take this holy season as an opportunity to address family-related issues and use the house of Ali and Fatima, peace be upon them, as a starting point to establish awareness of this holy house to be taken as a role model and an ideal for a good family unit."

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