BCHR Demands Jaw Prison Allow Political Prisoner Sadiq Salman to Participate in Father's Funeral

2024-02-12 - 11:28 am
Political prisoner Sayed Sadiq Ali Salman

Bahrain Mirror: Zainab Al-Khamis, head of the Monitoring and Follow-up Committee at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, demanded that the administration of Jaw Central Prison facilitate the temporary release of political prisoner Sadiq Ali Salman to attend the funeral and burial of his father, who passed away on February 9, 2024.

Al-Khamis emphasized in a post on the "X" platform that allowing prisoners to participate in burying their family and relatives is one of their rights according to local and international law.

It is worth mentioning that Salman has been imprisoned since May 2013 and was sentenced to life imprisonment in a politicized case, and he has not seen his father for 12 years.

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Political prisoner Sayed Sadiq Ali Salman

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