On National Charter & Feb 14 Uprising Anniversary: Bahraini Parties Call on Govt. to Create Just Political, Economic, and Social Reality

2024-02-15 - 5:33 p
King of Bahrain and Commander of the Bahrain Defense Force (Archive photo)

Bahrain Mirror: A number of political societies in Bahrain, the Nationalist Democratic Assembly, Progressive Democratic Tribune, and Unitary National Democratic Assemblage (Al-Wahdawi), demanded the state to "reformulate a more just and balanced political, economic, and social reality, due to the decline in political activity and the absence of the national spirit embodied in the National Action Charter.

The three parties stated in a joint statement, on Wednesday (February 14, 2024), that "consensus on the forms of participation in political and economic decision-making requires the adoption of the principle of equal citizenship and the dominion of the law over all." They called on the state to "realize that such a desired reality should be the result of an open dialogue in which all parties and political and state components participate".

While praising "the ongoing popular activities expressing Bahrainis' solidarity with the Palestinian cause", they renewed their demand for the government to "cancel all cooperation agreements with this [Israeli] occupying entity and expel its ambassador from Bahrain, in response to the position of our people and its political and civil figures who are committed to supporting the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people to liberate all their occupied lands".

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King of Bahrain and Commander of the Bahrain Defense Force (Archive photo)

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