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  • Bahrain: A Country Addicted to Debts, Loans and Aid

    According to the report of the Financial and Administrative Oversight Bureau for the years 2021 and 2022, Bahrain's public debt and interest rates have reached catastrophic numbers. The report indicates that the government has turned Bahrain into a sick country addicted to debt and aid.

  • Public Debt Reaches 106%: Why is Finance Ministry Hiding these Numbers?

    Why doesn't the Finance Ministry present transparent data on the public debt? Why did it reveal a number less than the actual one last year? How did the government exceed the legal debt ceiling? What are the independent companies that don't add their debts to the general balance? Is there actually any independent company?

  • Report: Bahrain Increases Spending on Armament by Double in 2016

    British defense and intelligence publication HS Jane’s report revealed that Bahrain increase spending on armament by over double.