1,200 Jordanian teachers apply for employment in Bahrain at the request of the Ministry of Education

2015-04-15 - 2:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Jordanian figures indicated that 1,200 teachers from Jordan have applied for employment in Bahrain at the request of its Ministry of Education. Meanwhile the Ministry did not disclose the number of vacancies it wants to fill with Jordanian teachers.

The Bahraini authorities tend to employ more Arab and foreign employees in the health and medical sectors despite that, according to official studies, there are more than 10 thousands unemployed university graduates, most of them belong to the Shia sect that has led protests demanding democratic change since decades.

Ayman Al-Akkour, the spokesman for the teachers union in Jordan, said that the ministry of education responded to the union's demands concerning what happened with the candidate teachers seconded to Bahrain who went on Saturday to take the recruitment exam and were surprised that the exam room was locked.

Al-Akkour highlighted that the 70 teachers who came to take the exam were among a list of 1200 teachers. However, those who showed up did not receive messages about the delay of the exam for technical reasons.

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