Medics refuse to take part in Formula 1 event: We haven’t received our dues since 2012

2015-04-17 - 1:06 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A number of medics stated that Bahrain's health ministry delayed the payment of their dues for taking part in the Formula 1 events that took place from 2012 until 2014. They said that many refused to participate in the event, although the preparations for medics began on Wednesday (April 15, 2015).

According to Al-Wasat newspaper, the medics stressed that "although they insisted not to take part in the event, an official called their homes and promised them they will be treated well," noting that "they received a letter, in the prior week, from the Assistant Undersecretary for Hospitals, Waleed Al-Manea, who thanked them for their efforts and said that they will received their dues soon."

The medics also pointed out that, based on this promise; they referred to the department of human resources and financial management in order to receive their dues. They; however, were surprised to hear the managers say that they haven't received anything that proves this claim, and so they will not be paid their dues in April of 2015.

They also stressed that four years have passed and some of them are still waiting to be paid. They owe each one of them between 800 and 1000 dinars. The pay for every participation in a race amounts to 300 dinars.

The medics said that they made it clear to the managers that they will not take part unless they are paid their dues, while the managers warned them of signing any petition regarding their decision to not participate.

The staff also highlighted that the medics are not the only ones who hadn't received their dues. There are also a number of nurses, medical assistants, and ambulance drivers, who took part in the events as well.

As they are still waiting to be paid their dues, the medics stressed that doctors received their dues after the event. They also wondered why only the doctors were paid, although everyone had took part in the races that took place over three days, adding that some of them even participated one day before the event during the preparations process.

Thus, the medics demanded that their dues for their additional work at the Formula 1 event from 2012 to 2014 be paid, stressing that they only took part upon the request of Ministry of Healdh and not upon their will. The medics also declared that since they did not receive their dues, they refuse to participate in the upcoming event.

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