The Kuwaiti MP “Dashti” Demands Grilling the Minister of Foreign Affairs over War Against Yemen

2015-05-14 - 2:40 ص

AFP: A Shiite parliamentarian in Kuwait demanded to grill the Minister of Foreign Affairs over Kuwait's participation in the air strikes against Huthis in Yemen.

"Kuwait's air force has taken part in the military operations without the Parliament being informed," Abdulhameed Dashti said.

He considered this was a breach of the constitution which bans launching an offensive war without informing the Parliament.

Dashti accused the Defence Minister, Sabah Khaled Al-Sabah, of responsibility for the country's involvement in the Yemen conflict.

The motion to question the minister has been listed for parliament's May 19 session.

There are just seven Shiite MPs in Kuwait's 50-seat parliament, where several MPs swiftly rejected Dashti's move.
Dashti is an outspoken critic of Bahrain, for its alleged mistreatment of Shiites, and also of Saudi Arabia for sending troops to Manama to back the regime.

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