Freedom House Rates Bahrain "Not Free" on Net

2016-03-03 - 1:12 ص

Bahrain Mirror: In its report on freedom on the internet, Freedom House rated Bahrain as "Not Free" among 6 other countries, including Syria and Saudi Arabia.

The report listed no Arab country as "fully free" with regards to Internet use, while rating five Arab states as "partially free". Six Arab countries; however, were classified as "not free".

Tunisia improved in this field with a score of 38, followed by Morocco with 43 points, Lebanon with 45, Jordan with 50, and then Libya with 54. All of these five countries were rated as "partially free", noting that the higher the score, the lower the rating.

As for the Arab countries rated as "not free", Syria was in the lead with a score of 87, followed by Bahrain with 72, Saudi Arabia with 73, United Arab Emirates with 68, and then Sudan with 65. Egypt had the best rating among the "not free" countries on the net with a score of 61.

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