Yusuf Rabi' Opens "Rights Under Restrictions" Conference: Bahrain's Judiciary Is a Tool Used by Authorities

2016-03-31 - 10:38 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) opened its fifth international conference on Tuesday (April 29, 2016), entitled "Bahrain: Rights Under Restrictions-Freedom of Expression Peaceful Assembly and Right of Citizenship" at the Coral Beach Hotel in the Lebanese Capital, Beirut.

The president of BFHR, Yusuf Rabi' delivered the conference's speech, addressing the US President Barack Obama, who will soon meet with Arab leaders. "These persons you will soon meet with are violating UN [treaties] they had ratified; you should tell them that societies cannot be built with arms, shotguns, revocation of nationalities and expulsion," he said.

Rabi' stressed that rights in Bahrain are under restrictions by a government that has ratified over 8 international treaties yet on the ground is violating all laws.

"For the sake of the right to freedom of expression, Sheikh Ali Salman was imprisoned, serving a four-year prison sentence, and Ebrahim Sharif was also re-arrested. This small country has over 5 prisons and extrajudicial killings, violation of freedom of press, revocation of nationalities, expulsion of citizens and everything that the Bahrainis are currently suffering from are practiced due to this right," he further stated.

Rabi' also highlighted that any authority that doesn't respect international laws shouldn't be welcomed in international events. He noted that the Bahrainis are deprived of freedom of expression, and the opposition that should be a partner in the decision-making process is not allowed to practice this role.

The BFHR head further stated that the people of Bahrain are subjected to a government that doesn't respect the constitution, adding that the Bahraini government has violated laws and rights and practiced killings and adopted a policy of impunity, since the judiciary is a tool that the authorities continue to exploit.

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