Bahraini Stripped of Nationality Jahromi Gives Statement at "Rights Under Restrictions" Conference

2016-03-31 - 11:23 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) held its fifth international conference on Tuesday (April 29, 2016), entitled "Bahrain: Rights Under Restrictions-Freedom of Expression Peaceful Assembly and Right of Citizenship" at the Coral Beach Hotel in the Lebanese Capital, Beirut.

During the conference, Bahraini academic Dr. Masoud Jahromi recounted his experience as a Bahraini citizen who has been stripped of his nationality and forced to leave the country.

"On April 14, 2011, with no prior notification or provided justification, the police and security forces brutally broke into my family compound at 2:30 am. I was violently taken from my bed, beaten and detained. I was in custody for 5 months, tortured and denied access to my family and lawyer," he stated.

Jahromi further stated that on January 28th, 2015, his citizenship was revoked by a royal decree along with 72 others, including political and human rights activists, journalists, and academic and cultural figures.

"We were given two choices: either to correct residence status or leave the country! Of course both choices were not possible; we are stateless that means we have no other nationality to get official residential visa, and our passports were withdrawn so practically, we cannot leave Bahrain," explained Jahromi, noting that the court rejected his appeal and considered that deportation is the final decision and should be implemented.

"I have been forced to leave my wife with her illness and putting a huge responsibility on her: taking care of a 12-year old boy and 3-year old girl, as there were no serious pressures exerted by the international human rights community concerning the violations taking place in Bahrain [...] The Bahraini regime will continue to commit more human rights violations and retaliate against the peaceful opposition for simply practicing their right to freedom of expression," he concluded.

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