Prominent Bahrain Clerics Demand Authorities to Reevaluate their Plans on the Summoning of Clerics & Friday Preachers

2016-04-19 - 1:13 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A group of the prominent clerics in Bahrain stated that the ongoing summoning of religious scholars and Friday Imams raises great concern. "We are not willing to instigate and complicate the situation. We don't want to cause sedition and conflict and we don't call for violence and extremism. We only want to express the true word of religion in a country that we don't think would not embrace it."

The statement signed by Sheikh Isa Qassim, Sheikh Abdulhussein Al-Sitri, Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghoraifi and Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Al-Rabii read: "If the expression of religious beliefs isn't allowed to be practiced, then the other option is to shut down mosques and stop prayers. We don't think the authorities are aiming towards that option, since it leads to harsh consequences that we all keen to protect the country from."

The statement demanded the authorities to reevaluate their plans manifested by the summonings of religious scholars and clerics "who are known for being moderate in their speeches."

Last week, the authorities summoned Sayed Majeed Al-Mashaal and Sheikh Mohammed Al-Mansi, who the Public Prosecution ordered to detain for a week over a sermon he delivered during Friday prayers.

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