Bahraini Public Prosecution Charges Sheikh Al-Mansi with Insulting MoI & Inciting Hatred against Regime

2016-04-23 - 2:58 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Public Prosecution said that it concluded its investigations "in the case of a preacher banned from delivering sermons (Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi) in violation of the ban issued against him, and concerning some content of his speech which was considered a criminal offense. The prosecution referred him to a May 2nd hearing before the third minor criminal court while in detention."

The prosecution added that it "received a report from the police directorate in the Northern Province stating that a preacher whom the competent parties banned from delivering Friday sermons made a sermon that insulted a statutory body, the Ministry of Interior, and the kingdom's constitution."

It further stated that the prosecution reviewed the recorded sermon and interrogated Sheikh Mohammed Al-Mansi, who confessed that he delivered the sermon, and thus the prosecution detained him for 7 days pending investigation over charges of "inciting hatred against the kingdom's constitutional system and insulting a statutory body."

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