Sheikh Al-Mansi’s Trial Adjourned until May 24 with Continued Detention

2016-05-21 - 8:11 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Third Minor Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Jaber Al-Jazzar and Hussain Hamad as secretariat, adjourned the trial of Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi with continued detention until May 24, 2016.

The court held its hearing on Thursday (May 19, 2016), during which Shiekh Al-Mansi's lawyer Jassem Serhan pleaded not guilty to the charges raised against Al-Mansi.

The Public Prosecution said that it concluded its investigations "in the case of a preacher banned from delivering sermons (Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi) in violation of the ban issued against him, and concerning some content of his speech which was considered a criminal offense. The prosecution referred him to a May 2 hearing before the third minor criminal court while in detention."

In the latest hearing, Sheikh Al-Mansi denied the accusations and said that the statements he made were only depicting the reality, stressing on his right to freedom of opinion and expression, guaranteed by the constitution and law. He further noted that his statements reflected no contempt or hatred, nor contained any inflammatory language directed against the government or Interior Ministry.

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