Lawyer: Jaffaria Endowments Filed Complaint against Sheikh Al-Mansi

2016-05-27 - 2:25 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Jassim Serhan said that the Jaffaria Endowments Directorate (Waqf) filed a complaint against Sheikh Mohammad Al-Masni at the Ministry of Interior to prevent him from preaching.

"The Jaffaria's complaint that led to interrogating Al-Mansi over his sermon "is considered a historical precedent in the directorate's history," he added.

The third criminal court had sentenced on Tuesday (May 24, 2016) Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi, who was banned from preaching, over charges of delivering a sermon in a mosque in Hamad Town on (April 15, 2016), to a year in prison. The court claimed that the papers show that his sermon included fabricated stories that would instigate public opinion such as: a girl was arrested and sexually assaulted at the Criminal Investigation Department. It also claimed that Al-Mansi talked about alleged violations that regularly take place and that clerics are being forcibly deported. The Public Prosecution charged Al-Mansi with "inciting hatred against the constitutional system in Bahrain and insulting a statutory body".

Serhan further explained that "the Jaffaria Endowments Directorate started the case by filing a complaint to the Ministry of Interior against Sheikh Al-Mansi over "unlicensed preaching". Thus the complaint filed by the Jaffaria Endowments initiated a lawsuit against Sheikh Al-Mansi launched by the Ministry of Interior.  

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