Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi's First Appeal Hearing to be Held in July 11

2016-06-07 - 10:29 م

Summary: Bahrain Mirror: The defense panel of prominent Bahraini Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mansi said they have finished the application procedures of the appeal against the ruling, sentencing him to one year in prison, over charges of leading a congregational prayer and delivering a sermon in a mosques without a license.

The authorities set July 11, 2016 as the date of the first appeal hearing.

Al-Mansi is considered to be one of the prominent Shiite clerics in Bahrain. He is also in charge of following up the cases of demolished mosques, the Shiite mosques that were demolished by the Bahraini authorities in 2011, after regime forces crushed the nationwide popular protests led by the Shia, who called for putting an end to the ruling Al Khalifa family's monopoly over power and the discrimination practiced against the Shiite majority.

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