Head of Imam Baqir Hawza’s Trial Begins over Charges of “Assembling”

2016-08-26 - 1:46 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ninth Minor Criminal Court, presided over Judge Hussein Al-Sheikh and Mohammad Al-Harban as secretariat, commenced on Wednesday (August 24, 2016) the trial of Shiite cleric Sheikh Jawad Al-Shehabi, who is the president of the Imam Baqir Hawza, over charges of joining Diraz rally.

The court; however, decided to adjourn the case until August 31, 2016 for pleading, while he remains in custody.

Al-Shehabi denied the charges raised against him. His lawyer Reem Khalaf attended the court hearing and requested copies of the case files and additional time for further study and pleading as well as the release of her client, after presenting a medical report showing the health condition of Sheikh Al-Shehabi.

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