HR Activist: Shiite Cleric Harassed in Jaw Prison for Performing Congregational Prayer

2016-12-09 - 10:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Zainab Al-Khamis said that the security authorities in Jaw Central Prison dealt "impolitely" with the prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad al-Mansi who is serving one-year jail term over performing prayers "without a license from the Jaafaria Endowments (Waqf)".

Al-Khamis explained on her Instagram account that Al-Mansi was performing morning congregational prayer in building 4 when one of the Jordanian officers came and asked him to immediately stop the prayer. He was then tied up with chains and transferred to the prison's administration where he remained for an hour.

She added that the Jordanian officer told Al-Mansi that he has orders from officer Isa Al-Yasi, indicating that it is not the first time Sheikh Al-Mansi gets insulted. He was agitated when commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari as one of the policeman started screaming and messing up with the prisoners' contents while they were holding the religious rituals.

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