Bahrain: Number of Detained Children from Diraz Mounts to 4

2017-10-06 - 10:07 م

Bahrain Mirror: The number of children arrested from Diraz reached 4, after the security authorities arrested Ali Abdullah Joma'a, activists stressed.

The security authorities arrested on Monday (October 2, 2017) 3 children whose ages range between 12 and 13 years. The arrested children are "Jassim Abduljalil, Hussein Ali and Ali Hussein". The prosecution decided to arrest him for a week pending investigation.

The nature of charges brought against the 4 children has not been known yet.

The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms condemned this step, stressing that "the International Law bound the state's authorities to treat children according to special measures, as imprisoning a child will negatively affect him on the psychological level and affect his studies as well". The center further stated that the child will be vulnerable to security pursuits in the future because his name will be registered at the security parties as a person who has been previously convicted and arrested.

لأطفال الثلاثة المعتقلين علي حسين، حسين علي وجاسم عبدالجليل

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التعليقات المنشورة لا تعبر بالضرورة عن رأي الموقع

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