Prosecution Renews Detention of Muezzin who Murdered Imam of Bin Shida Mosque, Suspect’s Wife Held in Women’s Prison with her 2 Children

2018-09-01 - 9:03 م

Bahrain Mirror: Press information stated that the Public Prosecution renewed the detention of the Muezzin, and the two other suspects, accused of murdering Imam of Bin Shida Mosque Abduljaleel Hmood for 15 days pending investigations.

A local daily said that the prosecution renewed the detention of the suspect's wife for 15 days pending investigations, after accusing her of concealing the suspect after he told her about the crime he had committed.  

The suspect faces charge of deliberate murdering. Meanwhile, the other 2 suspects face charge of taking part in the crime with the main murderer by helping him transfer the victim and hiding the crime evidence. On the other hand, the suspect's wife face charge of concealing the murderer. She is now held, along with her 2 children, in the detention center in Isa Town women's Prison.

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