Arab National Citizen Killed Indian, Wrote “Ya Hussein” Expression on Walls to Allure Police that Murderers are “Shiite”

2018-10-17 - 9:15 م

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Fatima Al-Hawaj said that the Arab national resident who is being tried over charge of killing an Indian man was trying to allure police that Shia are behind the crime through writing expressions like "Ya Hussein" on the walls of the victim's house after killing him.

She reported that the resident admitted that he thought about alluring the police that Shia people committed the crime, in order to mislead the judiciary. He also put bleaching liquid (Clorox) on the victim's clothes to conceal the crime.

Local newspapers talked about the incident and the victim's confessions, however, they removed the part related to sticking the charge to Shia.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution didn't clarify any of these details. The newspapers reported that they accused the suspect of attempting to mislead the judiciary.

The prosecution accused the suspect of using brutal methods to commit the crime. However, the suspect justified his act saying that "he loves Bahrain and he hates to see drunk people walking in such state on public streets".

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