Court Upholds 5-Year Jail Term against Businessman who Tried to Embezzle 195000 BD

2018-11-12 - 9:07 م

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Court upheld a 5-year jail term against an Asian businessman (48 years) who attempted to embezzle 195 thousand BD, using the offline withdrawal process. The court also upheld his deportation after serving the prison term.

Employees specialized in following up the activism of the credit cards issued from the company they work in were surprised that an Asian customer tried to fraud the two victim companies. On the day following the two withdrawals, the accused used his credit card in the "Offline" method, which was prohibited in the withdrawals, in order to complete two purchases in the amount of 195 thousand dinars, which was not already available in his account.

As a result, the transaction was stopped and the Department of Economic Crimes was informed that the customer tried to purchase goods from the two victim companies amounting to 195000, and stated in their notice that they had ordered the two operations to be stopped after they had been discovered.

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