MP Ali Al-Aswad to Al-Mayadeen: Normalization is Coup against Bahraini People Principles

2020-09-14 - 11:22 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Former Al-Wefaq MP, Ali Al-Aswad, described the Bahraini government's normalization of relations with the Israeli entity as "a coup against the belief of the Bahraini people who reject occupation."

In his comments to Al-Mayadeen Channel, Al-Aswad said that "the Bahraini authority is acting individually. It manages all internal and external matters alone. The people has no role in the measures the authority is taking."

"For those who seek the truth, and all those who reject this Zionist and normalization project with this entity, we have expressed in a clear statement that it is a blatant opposition to the Bahraini people's will," he said, explaining that "there is a single authority that terrorizes every Bahraini citizen who seeks or fights for the liberation of the occupied Palestine."

Al-Aswad said the authority "refuses and silences the honorable people of the country, to prevent them from telling the truth." The authority also doesn't allow MPs it wanted in the Parliament, as well as the appointed Shura Council, to talk about this issue.

"All of this was prepared two decades earlier, and a number of measures have been taken in order to pave the way for this black history in Bahrain's political history," Al-Aswad stressed.

"What President Trump, who have been using all his potential to win a second election, announced has nothing to do with the will of these foreign governments or the will of the people," he said.

Asked about Bahrain's actual interest behind concluding such an agreement, Al-Aswad said that "Bahrain is floundering, and it is aware that the people of Bahrain oppose this act," stressing that "there will be no direct benefits for the Bahrainis or the Government of Bahrain."

"The Bahraini opposition has never discussed this issue with each other, as it has a principled position on the Palestinian issue," the former MP noted, adding that it believes that "the Palestinians have the right to return to their homeland and to liberate their entire land from occupation."

"This issue is a part of Al-Wefaq statute."

"The Bahraini authorities' stance is related to their relations with the international community, specifically with the United States of America," Al-Aswad said, explaining that Bahrain is implementing US wishes in normalization and embracing a military base. However, it lacks the support of the popular will to do so. 

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