Biden Wins US Presidential Elections

2020-11-08 - 11:03 م

Bahrain Mirror: Former Vice President and Republican presidential candidate Joseph Biden won the US presidential election, becoming the 46th president, CNN reported on (Saturday, November 7, 2020).

The election was held last Tuesday, November 3, 2020, but the high number of votes via mail due to the Coronavirus pandemic has delayed the result of the last of six states, five of which were considered swinging states between the two parties.

In the United States, the president needs to win 270 state-owned caucuses, while Biden won 273 caucuses, with the number likely to rise to 303 as counting ends in other states.

Biden was able to win the presidency after a major lead in Pennsylvania, which has 20 caucuses, while Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska were not yet in place until the time the news was written.

President Donald Trump has previously announced his intention not to recognize the election results and to file appeals after undocumented allegations of fraud in the election, in which more than 150 million Americans participated.

An hour before the results were announced, media reported that US President Donald Trump left the White House for a golf course in Virginia without making any statements. 

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