Al-Wefaq Holds "Day of Betrayal" Event in Beirut: Our Country Sold our Land to Satan, Palestine's our Central Cause

2022-09-14 - 6:34 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society organized on Friday in Beirut a symbolic vigil entitled "Day of Betrayal: The Normalization Agreement" on the second anniversary of the signing of the normalization agreement between the Bahraini regime and Zionist enemy, in which a crowd of political, religious and social figures participated in addition to a number of activists and concerned people. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, activist Yousef Rabie welcomed the attendees, pointing out the importance of this vigil, in which "we condemn the day of betrayal, when the regime in Bahrain signed a normalization agreement with the Israeli entity at the White House, against the will of Bahrainis."

On behalf of Al-Wefaq, Rabie welcomed the attendees, specifically the Arab and Palestinian figures.

The first speech was delivered by the representative of the Alliance of Palestinian Forces, Abu Abdullah Fares, in which he paid tribute to the people of Bahrain, who support the Palestinian cause and who "rejected this agreement and normalization with the Zionist entity."

"Standing in solidarity with Palestine and against normalization means that we stand with ourselves and with the right and justice against conspiring against our central cause; the Palestinian cause," indicating that "normalization has become a point of view of some Arab regimes that have thrown themselves into the arms of the Zionist enemy to establish relation, normalize with it, conspire on the cause and on the nation, and abandon the sanctities, principles and national constants," said Fares.

"Resistance will remain the only way to liberate Palestine and resist the occupation," Fares stressed. He announced "condemnation of all forms of normalization and the establishment of relations with the enemy". He also praised "all the active forces in our Arab nation for confronting normalization with the Zionist entity."

Fares stressed that "Palestine will remain the indisputable truth, and will remain in the eyes of its sons, the land, memory and history which is incapable of adaptation and normalization."

The Syndicate of Audiovisual Media in Lebanon, Professor Randali Jabbour, began her speech by asking, "How are we logically holding meetings against normalization with an entity that is not normal?"

Jabbour stressed that "the normal thing is that Israel should not have been on our land in the first place" and that "if such an entity exists with all its criminality, rape, violations, aggressions and false propaganda, and it being not similar to anything with the region and its people, all our countries, peoples and leaders, must come together and get it out of a land that it does not belong to."

"We must stand with our Arabism and its sons against this entity, rather than being traitors  to strangers. We must stand with our geography which is free from occupation, settlement and lax promises, with our diversity of health and not sick racism," she added. 

Jabbour went on to say that "we must be with the resistance against the occupier, with our peoples against the criminal, with ourselves against the aggressor, with our borders against the covetous. If any honor is left, it must be against normalization."

Jabbour further pointed out that the reality is different, as "some of our countries sold our homelands to Satan" and "some of our governments acquiesced, and some of them normalized," but "we stand against the unnatural and say loudly without embarrassment, shame or fear: We are against normalization."

"I, the Lebanese Oriental Christian, declare it openly and clearly: I refuse to normalize with the occupier, and I refuse to deal with the enemy despite encouragement and intimidation," she stated.

Jabbour highlighted that: "What provokes me the most is the question of the ignorant: Why don't we make peace and end everything," noting that those demanding peace "don't know, or I guess they know but don't admit that when peace is made with this entity, it is then the beginning of drowning more in hell."

Jabbour then asked the audience a question: "Wasn't Jesus the first rebel against Satan and the first resistance of this land?" 

Deputy Secretary General of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, said in his speech that the Bahraini regime seeks to Judaize the country and obliterate the identity of the capital, Manama, which is "known for its authentic history."

Al-Daihi stressed that Palestine will remain the cause of Bahrainis "no matter how much the Bahraini regime tries to put its hand in the hand of this entity," explaining that the regime had their arms wide open for "this entity, welcoming it everywhere. They planted it in all the joints of our land, in order to make it exist from nothing. Sheikh Al-Daihi warned that this entity is ephemeral and temporary "and everyone who stands by it will disappear as well."

He denounced during his speech the regime's work to establish a Jewish identity on the territory of Bahrain and in the capital Manama, "This ancient and authentic capital, known for its authentic history, full of goodness, as well as Islamic and other monuments." Today the regime wants to Judaize this capital. It gave them a large part of our land in the capital under the guise of establishing a Jewish neighborhood in the capital, Manama, and slyly turned to those who wanted to buy the lands of some of the people of Manama under false pretenses, using Zionist companies and Zionist individuals, who wanted to purchase lands from Bahrainis to give to the Jews with the aim of establishing a neighborhood and synagogue for Jews.

He highlighted that "Israel is occupying Bahrain, and perhaps it is the second country to be occupied by the Zionist entity gradually, through the purchase of land within a planned project in the villages of Bahrain and its capital. Nonetheless, we are conscious and we will not allow the sale of our land to this Zionist entity."

Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi concluded his speech by referring to the Bahraini parliament, which did not reject this normalization agreement, stressing that "there is no participation in a parliament that approves the decisions of a regime that normalizes with the Zionist entity. The people of Bahrain are not honored to be part of this parliamentary institution, which stands united with the Bahraini regime in approving the normalization agreement."

For his part, Sheikh Zuhair Al-Jaeed, the general coordinator of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) stressed that "all the peoples of the free zone, with their various orientations, stand with the cause of the people of Bahrain and their compass Jerusalem."

He pointed out that "normalization has been taking place since before the establishment of the entity and is the guarantee of its existence. Muslims are innocent of it and of those who support it and exploit sectarian and national discourses to legitimize it."

Sheikh Al-Jaeed refused to link normalization to Sunnis, asserting, "We Sunnis are religiously linked to Al-Azhar scholars... In just a blink of an eye, it is as if the kingdom of evil, Saudi Arabia, is the affectionate mother of the people of  Sunnis."

The last speech was by writer and journalist Roni Alpha who called for "looking for the US administration on the second anniversary between Bahrain and the interim regime, specifically the Trump administration."

"Two years later, Bahrain has become under an Israeli mandate that will gradually turn into a soft occupation that sells the regime," he stressed.

He noted that "The enemy tried to employ all media means to show Iran as a strategic threat and normalization came to perpetuate this imaginary threat," adding that "normalization is intended to delude the peoples that only the enemy can protect the region."

Alpha confirmed "The aim of the broad normalization coordination between the regime and the enemy is to legitimize the construction of the Temple of Suleiman on the rubble of the Al-Aqsa Mosque," stressing that "the occupation of Bahrain will be through the army of Bahraini technology from the effects of digital normalization, and its task is to monitor and oppress citizens, and monitor the coasts of the region."

He pointed out that "amid the silence of the so-called ‘group of Arab states', Bahrain is gradually turning into a testing laboratory for enemy weapons, which explains the tacit approval," stressing that "the course must be corrected constitutionally by criminalizing normalization and joint and urgent coordination to confront and unite Palestinian factions."

He concluded his speech by saying that "normalization is temporary, but the cause of Palestine is permanent," noting that "Palestine is the central issue and its liberation would liberate the Arab world."

Poet Joumana Ayad concluded the event with a poem she recited.

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