Prisoners of Conscience: We were Surprised by Stubbornness of Prison Administration, We will Continue our Peaceful Movement until Achieving our Demands

2023-02-08 - 1:56 م

Bahrain Mirror: Prisoners in Jaw Central Prison said on Tuesday (February 7, 2023) that they will continue their peaceful movement until they achieve their demands.

The prisoners said in their statement that they were surprised by the stubbornness of officials and the prison administration in not responding to their simple demands, which are to guarantee the right to practice religious rituals, the right to sunbathing and the right to necessary health care, as well as abolishing the security isolation.

The prisoners had stopped receiving family visits and contacting their families since January 8, however, the concerned authorities - according to the statement - did not respond to their legitimate and guaranteed demands. 

"Ten days after we - prisoners of conscience in Bahrain - refrained from calling and going out for visits due to ill-treatment, we announce that we will continue our peaceful movement, which we started until the achievement of our just demands, which are stipulated in our religion, and guaranteed by the international charters and covenants which Bahrain signed," the prisoners said.

"Unfortunately, we were surprised by the stubbornness of Jaw prison officials and administration and their lack of response to our demands, despite their simplicity," the statement continued.

"All reasonable people and those who have a sense of humanity know that these rights - which we are demanding - are fundamental rights, which must be guaranteed and protected."

The prisoners said: "As a result, we, prisoners of conscience in Bahrain (specifically in buildings 7, 8, 9 and 10) decided to direct our message to the Public Prosecution and judicial authority, asking them to assume their professional and moral responsibility, as they are part of the problems we are exposed to," noting that "everyone knows that the Public Prosecution fabricated the political cases and the judicial authority issued unfair sentences against us."

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