Lawyer Al-Mannai's Tweet on IPU Meetings Leads Him to Prison

2023-03-09 - 12:58 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities arrested yesterday lawyer Ibrahim Al-Mannai, an activist in expressing his views on Twitter.

Lawyer Abdullah Hashem wrote late yesterday evening, Wednesday, March 8, 2023, "I knew that Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mannai was arrested yesterday over facts related to opinion cases."

Hashem called for the release of Al-Mannai, describing him as "the reformist national writer who was known for his keenness on Bahrain and everything that preserves this country."

Observing the account of the detained lawyer, the most prominent of what he wrote was related to the meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, as Al-Mannai wrote on March 6, "Bahrain hosts the Inter-Parliamentary Union, if Bahrain is interested in highlighting the Bahraini parliament to the world and obtaining (international reputation), let it reform the legislative system, especially the parliament, and make it an influential parliament that affects the lives of the people and an influential partner in political and legislative decision-making."

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