Detainee Mohammad Hasan Najjar: Jaw Prison Administration has been Preventing Me from Medical Appointments for 3 Years

2023-04-05 - 11:40 م

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Mohammad Hasan Najjar confirmed that the Jaw Prison administration has been preventing him for 3 years from visiting doctors despite his critical health condition and submitting evidence to the administration proving the need to schedule medical appointments for him. 

In an audio recording from inside the prison, Najjar confirmed that the authorities prevented him from visiting an internal medicine doctor and undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for his body on March 23, 2023, noting that his audio message aims to move the detainees' case.

He stressed that the prison administration deliberately deals with him and the rest of the detainees with a sectarian background and in inhumane ways and puts them in isolation for retaliation, and if they [prisoners] ask for something specific from the prison shop, they give them something different.

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