Bahrain's Jaw Prison Hides Medication of Political Prisoner Mohammad Hassan Al-Ramel

Political Prisoner Mohammad Hassan Al-Ramel
Political Prisoner Mohammad Hassan Al-Ramel

2024-02-07 - 5:45 م

Bahrain Mirror: The family of the political prisoner Mohammad Hassan Al-Ramel, held in Jaw Central Prison, expressed concerns about his fate after he developed severe infections in his legs following a surgery, and not being allowed access to medication by the prison administration.

Hassan's brother, in an audio recording, stated that after his brother underwent a hernia operation, the prison administration sent him to the military hospital for examination by a doctor who discovered infections where the operation was performed, causing him severe pain. The doctor prescribed 3 medications, indicating that the prison administration only provided him with one medication and informed him that the other two medications had "disappeared."

While confirming that "every official in the prison clinic refers the detainee to another official and refuses to provide him with a medical report confirming his health condition," his brother held the prison administration responsible for his safety, considering that they are "deliberately doing this."

He said, "We are very concerned about his health, fearing that they will hand him over to us as a corpse and tell us that he died a natural death."

He urged human rights organizations and defenders to act to save his brother, questioning "the reason for the prison administration's treatment of prisoners in this manner," stressing, "It is his (the prisoner's) legal and constitutional right to receive his full treatment and medication."

He wondered, "Where is the General Secretariat of Complaints (Ombudsman) with regards to what is happening to my brother? Haven't they listened to his audio recordings?"

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